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Feature Items

  • Niner RLT 9 Frameset

    When two roads diverge in the woods, choose the paved one or the dirt one with Niner's RLT 9. With a lightweight hydroformed aluminum frame mated to a Niner carbon fork,… [more]

  • Niner RIP 9 3-Star XT

    When you need a bike that matches your trail shredding ambitions, cozy up to Niner's RIP 9. Its airformed aluminum frame is light and strong where it counts, and it's… [more]

  • Intense Cycles Spider 29 Comp Mountain Bike w/ Shimano XTR Build Kit
    $5,918.00 - $8,392.00

    New for the 2013 season, Intense has released their ultimate XC trail race bike yet, the Intense Spider 29 Comp. The Spider 29 Comp frame is a carbon fiber full… [more]

  • Foes Racing F275 3:1 Mountain Bike w/ SRAM XX Kit
    $4,794.50 - $6,983.50
    $5,693.00 - $7,882.00

    2013 Foes F275: New for 2013, the F275 is using the 27.5" wheel size! It falls in between the 26" and 29" wheel. The Acceleration is going to be better than the 29"… [more]

  • Hadley Disc Rear Hub
    $329.99 - $369.99

    Hadley Disc Rear Hubs: If you're looking for a top of the line rear hub with a super precise level of pawl engagement, then look no further than Hadley for your next… [more]

  • Niner AIR 9 Carbon 1-Star X7

    Niner's Air 9 Carbon is a breath of fresh air with the attitude of a tornado. Feather-light with a stiff twist, the Air 9's carbon layup keeps vibration at bay so you… [more]

  • Ibis Mojo HDR 160 Mountain Bike
    $2,585.00 - $10,454.00

    IBIS has decided to step up their game even further, replacing the Mojo HD 160 with the Mojo HDR 160. The HDR 160 features the same 160mm of rear 26" wheel geometry as… [more]

  • Ellsworth Method SST.2 w/ SRAM X.7 Build Kit
    $5,243.00 - $7,801.90

    2013 Ellsworth Method SST.2 Boasting 180mm of travel, the Method is designed to descend fast, gobble rocks, and jump and play all the way down the hill. It’s low and… [more]

  • Niner Jet 9 2-Star SLX/Deore

    Go big with Niner's Jet 9. It's got all the tools to handle the big drop and the fast, flowy ribbon of singletrack out of town, like the CVA suspension that takes… [more]

  • Ibis Mojo SL w/ Shimano XTR Build Kit
    $4,923.00 - $7,052.00

    Feel free to rally all-day epics, charge gnarly sections, and even take on the race circuit, because Ibis's Mojo SL is ready for all that and more. This full-carbon… [more]


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Help Support Emily Campaign

In October, 2013, one of our valued employees, Emily Dzizdizc was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. At the age of 21, this is the 2nd time that Emily has now had to battle Leukemia in the past 5 years.

Emily recently finished her Chemotherapy treatment,to which she's showing remarkable progress. Emily's next step is to receive a bone marrow transplant, which is scheduled for March. We hope, and doctors tell us, that this could offer Emily a "long term cure".

Like all major medical treatments, the cost of hosital stays and advanced medical treatments has started to pose a hefty financial burdon on Emily and her family. We kindly ask that you please support Emily by making a donation to Emily's Campaign today. Any and all donations are very greatly appreciated, no matter what size.

In June of 2012, with what we thought was just a virus, Emily was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Unlike some other cancers, within 7 days of diagnosis she was admitted to the hospital and was undergoing chemotherapy. She was lucky enough to be put under the care of Dr. Tulio Rodriguez at Loyola University Hospital in Maywood, IL. After chemotherapy, dealing with a PICC line and losing all her beautiful blonde hair, Emily was given a clean bill of health and was thought to be in early remission.

Unfortunately, just before Thanksgiving 2013, Emily found out that the Leukemia had returned. More chemotherapy was given, and Emily was able to come home for Christmas. The best treatment now for a long term “cure” is a bone marrow transplant. Fortunately, through the “Be the Match” Organization, a donor was found. Emily has started preliminary testing and will head back to the hospital in March for the transplant.

Emily will spend 30 days or more in the hospital with another 70 or more as outpatient for the magic “100 days”. This is when she will be able to slowly regain a little bit of normal to her daily life. She was born happy, and still maintains a positive attitude through all life’s twists and turns. Her amazing way of looking at things awes all who are around her as she patiently waits for the “all clear”. With incredible care from Loyola, unbelievable support from family and friends, and faith in God, Emily will be able to move on from all of this and continue the pursuit of all her dreams.