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Ellsworth Road C

Ellsworth Road C

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Ellsworth Road C

Carbon rims provide two valuable advantages in this road wheel.

  • First, the overall stiffness of the hoop—the wheel physically rolls better because
    the hoop doesn’t deflect while rolling.
  • Second, the tall aerodynamic cross section is the perfect balance of aerodynamic
    advantage and FUNCTIONAL ride-ability.

24 spokes rear, 2x drive side, radial non drive to resist pedal torque, and reduce
weight. 20 bladed, stainless steel spokes are radial laced in the front wheel for a
perfect blend of atmosphere slicing and stiff directionally stable handling. This
minimizes spoke mass, thus reducing weight without reducing strength. Bladed
AND butted spokes reduce wind drag from rotation and keep weight to a minimum.

Actual weight* 1,597grams