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IBIS Bikes & Frames

About IBIS Bikes

IBIS was founded way back in 1981 by Scot Nicol (He is also known as Chuck IBIS and that’s a whole other story…). You can read a note from Scot/Chuck below. There are four partners in IBIS Cycles, Scot, Hans Heim, Tom Morgan and Roxy Lo, or five partners if you count both Scot and Chuck.

IBIS, has been singing the praises of carbon fiber bikes for a long time. They made their first carbon fiber bikes back in 1989. IBIS founder Scot Nicol wrote about carbon in a widely read series of articles on bicycle metallurgy that appeared in VeloNews in the early 90’s. Technology has come a long way since then and IBIS is embracing the latest that carbon technology has to offer.

All IBIS Bikes and frames are engineered around the philosophy that you can design a lightweight bike that's forgiving, stiff, responsive, dependable and most of all...... sexy!  All IBIS frames are built with state of the art carbon fiber.  Why does IBIS choose carbon fiber for all of their bicycle frames yo might ask?  Well the answer is rather simple.  For years, bicycle manufacturers have been trying to create laterally stiff and responsive frames from alloys and other materials, but the downside of metal based stiff frames has always been the transferer / amplification of road and trail vibration through the frame into the rider.  For years, if you wanted a frame with damped vibration, you had to give up stiffness and your bicycles responsiveness would suffer.

This is where carbon fiber comes into play, and exactly why IBIS Bikes has make carbon fiber the choice material for each & every one of their bicycle frames.  Carbon fiber has a very unique characteristic in that it's not only one of the stiffest materials on earth, but it's ability to dampen road and trail vibration is absolutely unseen by any other material around.  This means that every IBIS bicycle is incredibly lightweight, stiff, responsive and does a phenomenal job of absorbing vibration, which means you as the rider are comfortably in complete control of IBIS bicycle every moment that you're riding!  Make your next bicycle purchase an IBIS...... you won't be disappointed!  

IBIS Bikes Catalog

Ibis Tranny 29 Frameset - 2016
$1,700.00 - $3,041.00
Ibis Mojo HD3 Frameset - 2016
$2,899.00 - $4,651.00
Ibis Ripley 29 Frameset - 2016
$2,900.00 - $2,930.00
Ibis Tranny 29 (X01) - 2016
$5,399.00 - $6,993.00
Ibis Mojo HD3 (Deore XT) - 2016
$6,099.00 - $7,779.00
Ibis Ripley 29 (X01) - 2016
$6,100.00 - $7,713.00
Ibis Mojo HD3 (X01) - 2016
$6,199.00 - $8,178.99
Ibis Mojo HD3 (XTR 1X) - 2016
$6,499.00 - $8,478.99
Ibis Mojo HD3 (X01 Werx) - 2016
$7,599.00 - $8,228.00
Ibis Tranny 29 (XTR 1X) - 2016
$7,599.00 - $7,994.00
Ibis Tranny 29 (XTR 2X) - 2016
$7,799.00 - $7,829.00
Ibis Tranny 29 (XX1) - 2016
$7,799.00 - $7,829.00
Ibis Ripley 29 (XTR 1X) - 2016
$8,400.00 - $8,613.00
Ibis Ripley 29 (XTR 2X) - 2016
$8,600.00 - $8,813.00
Ibis Ripley 29 (XX1) - 2016
$8,600.00 - $8,813.00
Ibis Mojo HD3 (XTR 2X) - 2016
$8,798.00 - $9,128.00
Ibis Mojo HD3 (XX1) - 2016
$8,898.00 - $9,228.00