FRONT : 100 mm QR // 9mm thru axle // 15mm thru axle // 20mm thru axle // 24mm Maverick // 25mm Specialized
REAR : 135 QR Axle // 10x135mm // 12x135mm // 12x142 // 12 x 150mm (hub required)* // Bolt On
DRIVER : 120 point, 3 degree engagement, 6 pawl mechanism
DRILLING : 32 hole // 36 hole
WEIGHT : varies per axle; around 530 grams per set


For those of you that would like the instant engagement, durability, and the ultimate in axle convertibility without a proprietary spoke system; come closer.
Based on our Enduro hub system, we present you with the most flexible axle system currently available. 
Not enough for you? Well how about a dishless Singlespeed hub with QR, Bolt-on, or 10x135 thru-axle compatibility? More? How about a Dishless 12x150-specific hub for all you DH kids out there. All available in the colors we’re known for. 

COLORS- Red // Black // Silver // Orange // Blue // Purple // Green // Gold // Pewter // Pink // Brown